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ShopController Software came into existence in January 1992 when we decided that the software that was available at that time did not fit the needs of our automotive business: 4 Automotive repair shops spread over two states. We went on to build it ourselves.

Our first accounts loved our clean work order process and easy part ordering. Since that time we have improved our software with time saving and profit generating management tools, while keeping the ease of use our customers have come to expect. We have expanded beyond automotive and now provide management systems for many different service industries.

Over the years we built our business around a solid product combined with superior personalized customer service. This is our commitment to customer service at a higher level. Our account annual retention rate is 93{61689c4c25de5bc3ebf58b94fe102dcacfe4a540d06f4d2298e201b544a0d393}– real proof we have the right product and support.

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