Vehicles with Unfixed Recalls Skyrockets 34% over past Year

1 in 4 Vehicles Americans Drive Has Open Recalls; Gulf Coast Residents Most At-Risk

(February, 2017) – This year, millions more lives may be at risk from people driving and buying vehicles with unfixed safety recalls. According to Carfax, more than 63 million recalled vehicles now are in use across the country, an alarming 34 percent increase from 2016.

The annual research also suggests this issue affects nearly one in three vehicles in Texas, the highest rate in the nation. Behind Hawaii, the other Gulf Coast states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama round out the top five. In addition, people in California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and New York have the most vehicles with open recalls.

The new data also suggests that family life may be a factor for some vehicle owners not knowing about a recall or getting it fixed. Minivans and SUVs – family-oriented vehicles – are the ones most likely to have unfixed recalls.

This is just one more big reason why ShopController includes Carfax service with our management program. Every license plate you pull up will show every recall for that vehicle. You owe it to every customer to insure their car is safe.

This is another major reason our ShopController program includes CARFAX. To learn more call us @ 480-898-0100 or email [email protected].

Setting Your Auto Repair Shop’s 2017 Goals


When it comes to setting your goals make sure they are challenging enough to inspire you. As the leader of your business, it’s your job to inspire your entire team. Raise the BAR!!!

Break out your goals from annual to monthly, to weekly, to daily. Make these goals and daily measurement highly visible.

When setting your goals be realistic. Goals must bring out the best in people and motivate them to think differently. Accordingly, they should be just out of reach but not out of sight. Harvard University research indicated that goals need to be reached 50 percent of the time for them to effectively change the way we think. If they are reached more frequently than 80 percent of the time, they are not challenging enough.

Now this is really key. You must get your team to buy in to these goals. You must break these numbers down and clearly show how hitting these realistic goals really benefits them personally!


  1. Productivity for your technicians
  3. Car count
  4. Sales
  5. Operating expenses

We all know “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If you want big time improvement. You have to consider making major changes. Contact ShopController today.  See how our updated state of the art repair management program can deliver the huge boost you’re looking for in 2017.

3 Tips That Every Shop Owner Needs to Hear

1) Have Written Shop Goals and Personal Goals in Place … With Deadlines!

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time”

2) Track the Important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the Business

Keeping accurate numbers and tracking the important KPIs will help you make informed decisions as a shop owner, which rarely leads to bad decisions. Some of the KPIs you target should be industry specific, and some should be business specific. Not all business models are alike, and even though most auto repair facilities perform many of the same repairs (brakes, timing belts, etc.), the way they operate, and how they deliver services will widely vary. All shop owners need to know how their numbers compare to “like” business models. This will help you determine what adjustments are necessary for you to reach your goals. Consistently tracking specific KPIs will tell you where you are, and what you need to work on.

3) Ensure You’re Being Held Accountable

As small business owners, we rarely have anyone who works with us who is capable of holding us accountable for our words, our actions or our promises. I’d highly recommend finding a coach, or at least someone who can hold you accountable and who you can bounce ideas off of, so that you’re not all alone at the top of your company.

The best way to identify and track KPIs is with the outstanding data you gain from our ShopController repair management program. Our SC 10 software can provide your critical KPIs in real time measurement. Our new “Analysis” tools goes way beyond standard reporting. Enables you to drag and drop from over 100 fields of your data. Empowers you to generate full accountability and big time dynamic management leadership for 2017.

Carfax: Vehicles with Unfixed Recalls Now Top 47 Million

Year-Over-Year Increases Continue; Minivan, SUV Owners at Highest Risk (

CENTREVILLE, Va.  More than 47 million vehicles that people are driving, buying or selling in the U.S. have at least one unfixed safety recall, according to Carfax. The company’s annual research on the issue suggests a net increase of more than one million vehicles from last year. In addition, every state now has at least 100,000 vehicles with an open recall.

If you own an SUV or minivan, or live in Texas, Mississippi, Alaska, Utah or West Virginia, then you’re most likely to have an unfixed recall. Especially if you fall into one of these two groups, using resources like myCarfax helps you take the all-important next step of bringing your vehicle to a local dealer. While finding opportunities to get a recall fixed can be challenging, a safe family vehicle is paramount.

“Our data shows there’s still much hard work to be done in addressing recalls,” said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax. “Many people still are unnecessarily risking their lives by not staying informed or taking action when their vehicle is under a recall. It’s one of the many reasons family-oriented vehicles, including one in four minivans, are the most-highly impacted. Carfax continues to work closely with the auto manufacturers so we can alert people in the U.S. and Canada that their vehicles have a potentially dangerous defect that needs to be fixed.”

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced that new recalls were issued for more than 51 million vehicles in 2015, the most-ever in a year.

“Millions more vehicles will likely be recalled this year, adding to the ones already with outstanding airbag recalls, ignition switch recalls, electrical system recalls and more. Resources like myCarfax that continuously monitor your car and send alerts to your mobile device are helping people everywhere find and fix more recalls,” continued Gamache.

This is another major reason our ShopController program includes CARFAX. To learn more call us @ 480-898-0100 or email [email protected].

Why Better Wire Diagrams Make A Big Difference To ShopController

In today’s world of auto repair, electrical issues have taken over. Wire repair diagrams can become quite complex. Paper auto repair manuals are a thing of the past. Online programs have replaced the printed service manual. Using better modern repair diagrams from online programs can really simplify your troubleshooting procedure. BUT online service manuals aren’t all created equal. There are big differences between the major brands.

Here is why ShopController bundles our management program with MotoLogic repair and diagnostic service. Check out the super sharp digitized interactive colored wiring schematic.  Definitely a giant step up from the competition. To find out more call us @ 480-898-0100 or email [email protected].


Wire repair diagram

Wire repair diagrams can become quite complex.