Powerful Prebuilt & Custom Reports

Don’t let your shop management system hold your data hostage.

Take control with ShopController Custom Reports!


Custom Reports
Ever wish you had a report that showed profitability by Tech, or Income for vehicles over 10 years old, or is your accountant requesting a custom report?  Now there is an option.
ShopController has built custom reporting tools right in the software that give you full control of your information.

Custom Invoices
Why pay high fees when you want to make slight adjustments to your invoice?
With ShopController we give you the tools to make changes as often as you like, FREE OF CHARGE.

Here are some examples of when you might want to customize your invoice or estimate:

  • Create unique invoices that you can use for different types of customers.
  • Quickly change your logo, address, and even more.
  • Create a Warranty Invoice that doesn’t show pricing.


Export Reports into Excel, PDF, Word, etc.
Take back your data.  Some systems do not give you access to your data to lock you into their system. We give you access to all of your data at any time.  Your information is always available in any format you choose.

For ease of use any Report can be exported into Excel, PDF, Word, and more.  You can even email a report or invoice from ShopController.

Email Documents
Attach estimates, emails and other forms and reports to emails in your choice of format with just a couple of clicks.


Prebuilt Reports:
Here are a few of the prebuilt reports available in ShopController:

Estimates, Invoices and Work Orders
•If you have a shop logo, we will add it for you.

Sales Activity Report
•Measure sales activity to make sure your marketing and customer retention programs are effictive.

Sales Profit Report
•View sales profitibility by technician, service writer, or invoice

Inventory Reports
•Manage inventory levels, reorder points, and control expenses.

Reports by Technician
•Constantly evaluates the effectiveness of your technicians and allows you to calculate their labor hours for payroll.

Receivable Reports
•This is often a overlooked feature, but is probably the most valuable. Manages receivables and allows you to send statements to customers.

Fleet Reports
•Custom reports that are built specifically for our large base of fleet customers.