ShopController 10 Features

retun-investmentReturn on Investment
Most business decisions come down to ROI. We built ShopController 10 with the primary goal of increasing ROI through productivity, efficiency, and pricing tools. Here are just a few easy to measure tools in ShopController 10 that can increase your ROI immediately.

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carfaxCARFAX Plate & VIN Decoder
  • Allows you to input vehicles faster and with better accuracy.
Service History Check
  • Make better service recommendations.
  • Find opportunities to increase ticket averages.
  • Build customer confidence.
  • Identify unperformed maintenance.
quickbookQuickBooks Integration
  • Simple, 1-step QuickBooks Export..
  • Avoid reentering invoices to save time and money.
  • Easily Review Transactions before Exporting.

reportsPowerful Prebuilt Standard Reports
ShopController offers a full suite of standard reports and forms “right out of the box” that provide all the reporting and documentation functions most shops will ever need.
Custom Reports
We provide tools to create your own custom reports, and we offer custom report design services.
Custom Invoices
Go beyond just branding your invoices with your logo.

inventoryInventory Control
  • Inventory is automatically updated as parts are ordered or sold..
  • Minimum Quantities can be set to notify you when parts need to be reordered.
  • Inventory view shows the last purchase date so you can easily identify dead inventory.
  • Custom Inventory reports can be used to analyze inventory usage, and identify parts that should be stocked, and inventory levels.
Instant Verificaiton_rev0Multi Location Capable
  • Share customer information, inventory levels and service templates with other shops.
  • Managers and owners can view reports, work orders, and schedules for any location.
  • Allows managers to identify issues in real time instead of waiting for end of month reports after the damage is already done.
  • Makes it easier to have centralized operations including accounting, marketing, and scheduling.

  • Hosted Database with Remote Access Availability
  • Real-time Replicated Database at 2 separate locations
  • Daily Incremental Backups for 30 Days
  • Fully Redundant Network with NO Single Point of Failure and Multiple Layers of Network Security
  • Multiple Bandwidth Providers (AboveNet, ATT, Comcast, Global Crossing, Level(3), NTT
  • State of the Art Data Center with Backup Power Generators and HVAC Units
  • Make Appointments Quicker than any Handwritten Schedule.
Multiple Schedules
  • Keep different schedules for technicians, bays, or even specialty equipment (Like an Alignment Rack)
Ability to Schedule Work Order for Multiple Resources
  • Schedule a Technician, and the Alignment Rack.
  • Schedule a delivery driver to pick up the vehicle, technician to do the repair, and another driver to deliver the vehicle all at different times.
  • Do jobs flow smoothly through your shop?.
  • Can you tell from one screen what is going on with every vehicle in your shop?.
  • Do you spend too much time “catching up” on shop work flow?
    ShopController SC10 can help you manage your work flow by combining work flow staging and work flow status into one simple-to-use feature

openedgeOpenedge Merchant Card Services
ShopController and our parent company, Alliance Software Group, have joined forces with OpenEdge to create a fast, efficient, and affordable payment processing solution for your business.
Think you have good credit card processing rates?
  • We’ll provide a free rate check to see if we can match or beat your current rates at absolutely no cost or obligation to you!

pos-feat-franchiseFranchise Shop Manager
  • Create a Single Master Template.
  • Maintain Effective Security.
  • Maintain Global Control of Management and Reporting Functions.
  • Only Give Access to Sensitive Information Where it is Needed.

fleet-managementFleet Management 
  • Fleet Maintenance Reports and On-Line Ordering & Labor Times
  • Tire Wear Tracking
  • Lookup Vehicle Info by VIN or License Plate
  • Billing and Accounts Receivable

automotive-softwareGeneral Automotive
ShopController provides the tools to manage your automotive repair shop easily now, with the comfort of knowing that your business will never outgrow it. Our state of the art service management software will upgrade your total business model 24/7. ShopController provides real time reporting, streamlines your process, organizes better, refines record keeping and jump starts your productivity. All with superior personalized customer service.

vehicle-managementHD Truck & Equipment Maintenance
ShopController® Full-Service Shop Management System brings our 25 years of trucking industry shop management experience, and updates it with the latest technology and tools. Working with clients in trucking and heavy equipment shops, we have built-in features specific to heavy duty vehicle management, along with strong fleet management tools.
Your data is maintained in a secure, controlled facility with 24/7 onsite technical staff. With ShopController, lost data is a thing of the past.

nmedaMobility Vehicles
Mobility dealers and shops face issues that are unique to this segment of the automotive market. Stringent certification requirements and government regulations protect vulnerable populations, but they also place extra documetation burdens on the shops which provide these products and services.
NMEDA, the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association, provides mobility certification services for its members. ShopController has worked closely with NMEDA to develop NMEDA/QAP Express, an online documentation program that NMEDA provides for its membership to relieve the documentation workload.