ShopController Management Software

ShopController, your Online Auto Shop Solution, provides the tools to manage your automotive repair shop, giving you the online tools you need to service your customers’ needs and maintain your competitive edge. Never worry about lost data with real-time and multi-location backup,and rest easy knowing that your data is maintained in a secure facility with continuous maintenance. Cut your IT support costs and headaches. Eliminate the need for local servers, backups and network maintenance. Log in to your system from anywhere with 24/7 authorized access.


Automotive Maintenance Applications

Multiple Shop Locations

In competitive times, the manager of a company does not have the luxury of letting multiple locations “go their own way.”

Manage Multiple Locations

Likely you got where you are because you know what your customers respond to, and you know how to run your business

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Franchise Management

ShopController gives you the tools to establish the process, monitor performance and make adjustments in real-time.

Franchise Operations

For a franchisor, it makes sense to set guidelines for how franchises will be run, follow their progress and assist them in making adjustments when needed

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Fleet Management

ShopController® draws on 25 years of fleet management experience to better organize your fleet maintenance process.

Fleet Management

Whether you are a busy service operator with fleet customers or run your own internal fleet, ShopController will simplify the fleet management process

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General Automotive

ShopController® Full-Service Automotive Shop Management System will put you in the driver’s seat.

General Automotive

We bring 25 years of shop management experience in the automotive industry, updated with the latest technology and tools.

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HD Trucks & Equipment

ShopController® Shop Management System brings experience, and updates it with the latest technology and tools.

HD Trucks & Equipment

Working with clients in trucking and heavy equipment shops, we have built-in features specific to heavy duty vehicle management, along with strong fleet management tools

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Mobility Vehicles

NMEDA, the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association, provides mobility certification services for its members.

Mobility Vehicles

ShopController has worked closely with NMEDA to develop NMEDA/QAP Express, an online documentation program that NMEDA provides for its membership.

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Reduce Your Auto Repair Shop Accounting Workload 

Our QuickBooks specialist will walk your bookkeeper or accountant  through the setup process in a one-on-one TeamViewer session. Then you can send invoices, bills and inventory directly to QuickBooks whenever you want, from wherever it is convenient. ShopController gives you the flexibility to decide what you want to export. Your QuickBooks customers and vendors will be automatically updated each time you export.

Why choose ShopController Management Software?


Is the ShopController based on outdated technology?

  • ShopController Provides a Robust, Hosted MySQL Database
  • 24/7 Authorized Access from Shop or Home
  • Unlimited Workstations Per Location
  • Easily Adapts to Changes in Industry and Technology
  • Automatic Real-Time Backup
  • Your Data is Maintained in a Secure Facility
  • Full-Featured Shop Management System


Overwhelmed With Inventory and Need A Proven Solution?

  • Inventory is automatically updated as parts are ordered or sold.
  • Minimum Quantities can be set to notify you when parts need to be reordered.
  • Inventory view shows the last purchase date so you can easily identify dead inventory.
  • Custom Inventory reports can be used to analyze inventory usage, and identify parts that should be stocked, and inventory levels.



Looking for an Auto Repair Shop?

Whether you are just starting out or relocating to a bigger shop, this is a good time to take a look at your Shop Management System options. You will want a shop management system that will serve you well until the day that you sell the business.

Start off right and you are set. Start off wrong and you will need to change systems at some point, risking lost data and disruption in your business.



Our state of the art service management software will upgrade your total business model 24/7. ShopController provides real time reporting, streamlines your process, organizes better, refines record keeping and jump starts your productivity. See a big increase in your margin $$, combined with delivery of superior personalized customer service.

Our Happy Clients

Franchise / Heavy Duty

Advanced Maintenance


Road Open Road Mobility


Freedom Taxi


Cliff’s Welding


Factory Muffler

What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say?

ShopController does an excellent job of tracking my customers and my inventory. The software helps me keep my inventory like I want it, and it is very user friendly.
Victor, Euro Motors
We have been using ShopController for over 3 years and it is a very trouble free software. My relationship with tech support has been very good since I really haven’t had to use them. ShopController is a very user friendly software and it does everything that I need it to do.
Chris Kern, Wheel to Wheel
I have recommended ShopController to several shops in my area. ShopController keeps great records of my customers, vehicles and my inventory. The support that we get from Alliance Automotive Software has been outstanding and the software is also very easy to use.
Mark Nikl, Nikl Automotive Repair
I love this program, it is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Customer service is very quick to help and extremely friendly. Training was easy and fast. I have had no problems once the system was learned and have been using this system for about a year, and I still love it!
Jennifer Spicer
On behalf of Lashley’s Garage Inc. would like to thank Shop controller and their staff for all the great support. We would recommend this professional management system to any professional automotive repair shop looking for a great and affordable shop management system with reliable tech support.
Steven Lashley
Not only did I purchase Shop Controller for one of my businesses, but once I saw everything it could do I bought for my second business! Since working with their team I have found them responsive, willing to customize, and extremely supportive. I would buy their software again knowing what I now know!
Mark Lore