Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Repair Shops have heavy duty software needs, which often translates to multiple systems to run their business. Bring everything into one cloud-based solution that’s designed for heavy duty auto repair. 


Invoice Paid

+1 in queue

Oil Change Complete

Stock levels, parts ordering, & tracking

Order, receive, and pay for parts from one place!

Integrated accounting with QuickBooks

No more double-entry and less errors with fully connected accounting features

Invoice & collect payments faster

Generate invoices to customers and get paid faster with complete order-to-pay features

Large Fleets?
No Problem

Bulk invoicing

Review and send invoices in bulk.

Custom invoice dates & aging reports

Keep payments on track with simple views into payment dates & invoice aging.

Manage Projects
With Simple Workflows

  • Gain visibility into every job, status, & purchase order with a card-based system
  • Technicians can see exactly what jobs are in the queue
  • See the lifecycle of a job from the time an appointment is made
  • Know when parts need to be ordered, or when to send an invoice to the customer
  • Cards can simply move from one status to another so that technicians can easily see what jobs are being worked on, and where.
  • Get ahead of bottlenecks or rearrange jobs as needed, all in the same view.
  • Sort by technician, status, bays, or a completely custom dataset.
  • Tag jobs and create custom labels so that
  • Let managers & techs easily identify pick up times, special customer needs, or alerts.

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