ShopController’s 5 ways to Make More Money Every Sale!

By The Shop Controller Team

With these 5 changes you can make more profit with the same amount of business every month.

  1. Stop using single margin %. Sounds easy but when transaction speed becomes an issue, single margin % comes right back into play. Single margin calculations cost you serious money.
  2. Cut way down on service writer over rides. When set prices are ignored, the sales margin suffers. The challenge is to have your system so well set up that your service writers start to trust the pricing.
  3. Install categories of pricing. Your fleet customer receives one set of prices. General public should see a higher margin in their pricing and so on. The more categories of pricing locked in place insures every sale is covered and less over-rides.
  4. Put in place 4 levels of margin determined by the retail amount. Make up for lost margin on higher cost parts with a lot more margin on the low cost parts. $5 wire kits must consistently use a much higher margin than $850 engine blocks. This fine tuning generates more money big time.
  5. Install an automatic round up engine for every part sold. Receive an average increase of $.50 every part sale. At the end of the month make an additional $250 for every 500 parts sold.

Let us show you how ShopController can put these 5 steps in play and start making you more money every sale. Call us @ 480-898-0100 or email [email protected].

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