Appointments Made Easy with the Shopcontroller Scheduler!

By The Shop Controller Team

Over Booked? Under Booked? Don’t Let It Happen To You!
Scheduling appointments is a big part of managing an automotive shop. A good scheduling system helps keep you in that zone where your techs always have enough work to keep them busy. It also helps you avoid the extremes – people standing around with nothing to do, or so overwhelmed that they miss deadlines and make mistakes. A scheduler should be easy enough for everyone to understand and follow it, and flexible enough to accommodate any changes that come up. The goal is to manage appointments in a way that will meet your customers’ needs and help you reach your productivity goals.

Check a few of the ShopController scheduler features:

  • View your day, week or month.
  • Use it your way: Color Code your appointments by job type or status.Keep one schedule or as many as you need!
    • Simple – Just type a note on the calendar line, and you’re done.
    • Or – Schedule your customer, vehicle, and tech. Even create a work order from within the appointment.
  • Quickly set recurring appointments.
  • Build Services in the Scheduler then convert them to Work Orders when the vehicle arrives for the appointment.
  • Just drag and drop to resize, reschedule or reassign appointments.

These are just a few features of the ShopController SC10 Scheduler.

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