Livestream | Aug. 10 @ 3pm EST

Broken Cars

Live with “Officer” Dan Brockett
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What to expect

Reality TV star, stunt car driver, and popular content creator Dan Brockett has dedicated his life to all sorts of automotive related antics. His passion for finding the beauty in car projects that others may have discarded or abandoned is a common thread in the auto community, and we want to learn more about it!

Join us for a free livestream on August 10th at 3pm EST, when Dan gives guests a peek into a few key curiosities, such as:

  • What it takes to ‘make it’ in Drift Racing & content creation
  • How Dan launches new projects & embraces his audience
  • What challenges were like to build a career doing what he loves

Meet The Speakers

Dan Brockett

Dan is an American actor / SAG Stunt Driver who’s been featured in many films and TV shows as a driver and performer. Most recently, Dan stars in “Runs Good” on MotortrendTV.

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Tyler Brown

Chief Design Officer of Shop Controller and all-around gear head. Tyler spent years running an automotive fabrication business before shifting into the tech world.

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