See How Shop Controller & Quickbooks Work Together!

By The Shop Controller Team

Make bookkeeping fast, easy, and accurate by streamlining your accounting process. ShopController provides seamless QuickBooks integration to save you time and money. Get the best for your business – a world-class shop management system combined with the top-selling accounting software.

How ShopController and QuickBooks Work Together:

  • Assisted setup helps you match ShopController with your QuickBooks accounts.
  • Export to QuickBooks with a quick 1-step process.
  • Export daily, weekly or at any interval you choose.
  • Send invoices, bills, and inventory directly to QuickBooks.
  • Automatically updates QuickBooks with new customers and vendors each time you export.
  • Choose what types of transaction ShopController sends to QuickBooks.
  • Onsite or offsite bookkeeping.

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Many of our clients come to ShopController after running their automotive shops with QuickBooks alone. QuickBooks is an awesome small business accounting program, but it is not an automotive repair management system. Some shop programs try to do it all, but we stick with the things we do really well. We team up with experts in other areas to give you the best options.

ShopController brings you the tools you need to handle your customers and vehicles and to fit the flow of automotive scheduling, estimating and invoicing. Then ShopController gives you a simple, intuitive export feature to quickly send your data to QuickBooks. Get the best for your business – a world-class shop management system combined with the top-selling accounting software. ShopController and QuickBooks work together, so you get the best of both worlds without ever having to duplicate your work!

Shop Controller does an excellent job of tracking my customers and my inventory. The software helps me keep my inventory like I want it, and it is very user friendly.

Victor, EuroMotors

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