Vehicles with Unfixed Recalls Skyrockets 34% over past Year

By The Shop Controller Team

1 in 4 Vehicles Americans Drive Has Open Recalls; Gulf Coast Residents Most At-Risk

(February, 2017) – This year, millions more lives may be at risk from people driving and buying vehicles with unfixed safety recalls. According to Carfax, more than 63 million recalled vehicles now are in use across the country, an alarming 34 percent increase from 2016.

The annual research also suggests this issue affects nearly one in three vehicles in Texas, the highest rate in the nation. Behind Hawaii, the other Gulf Coast states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama round out the top five. In addition, people in California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and New York have the most vehicles with open recalls.

The new data also suggests that family life may be a factor for some vehicle owners not knowing about a recall or getting it fixed. Minivans and SUVs – family-oriented vehicles – are the ones most likely to have unfixed recalls.

This is just one more big reason why ShopController includes Carfax service with our management program. Every license plate you pull up will show every recall for that vehicle. You owe it to every customer to insure their car is safe.

This is another major reason our ShopController program includes CARFAX. To learn more call us @ 480-898-0100 or email [email protected].

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